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Music Box Movements
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Music Box Movements

Sale Price: $29.95 $21.00
You Save: $8.95
Product ID: movement
Shipping Price: $9.95
Select a Standard 18 Note Movement:
Make a Selection:
Would You Like to Add the Engraved Plaque:
No Thank You - No Plaque
Yes Please Add Engraved Plaque (+$15.00)
Engraved Deluxe Brass Plaque - Type up to 3 lines of text ( 2 to 3 words per line ) - Extra lines Only $6.00 a line.:
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Music Box Movements - Music Box Parts

Standard Music Box Movements for Your Music Boxes

Options Available :

This is the Standard Model Movement that includes Winder Key. Musical 18 Note Movement $21.00

Standard Movement with On /Off Spring at $24.95 includes Winder Key.


Standard Movement with Brass Stem Pin and On/Off Spring $30.95 Complete includes Winder Key.

(Most Popular) Includes everything for controlling music On/Off when lid is opened or closed.


Standard with On/Off Lever (Left to Right Switch) $24.95 includes Winder Key.

On/Off Spring with Stem - Most Popular:

Used for similar applications as the On/Off Spring, but includes the brass rod stem
Music begins when lid is opened music stops when lid is closed.
Music is activated by switch. Brass rod can be cut to desired length.
Attaches easily to music box movements by removing one comb screw.

Click Image Above to See Spring Installation Instructions.

On/Off Spring $4.95
Music begins when drawer is opened; music stops when drawer is closed.
Used behind a drawer. Easily attached to musical movement by removing one comb screw

On-off lever $3.95
On-off lever side assembly
Slides side to side - Used on porcelain, etc.

Standard Model Approx 2"x 2.5"x 3/4"Deep

Receive a Deluxe Engraved Brass Plaque 

$30.00 Value for the Special Price of $15.00 with Your Music Box Movement Order

To order your engraved plaque, please type your message in the box.

This usually delays your order from being shipped approx 2 to 3 days.

You may select up to 3 lines of text ( 2 to 3 words per line )

To View Music Box Titles Click on the Drop Down List. All movements are tested before shipping.
* No returns on musical movements.

Also available for smaller projects:
Musical 18 Note MINI Movement (SEE Mini Movements)

Click Image Above to See Spring Installation Instructions.

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